The Sylian Realm

The Sylian Realm is a constitutional monarchy, driven by scientific progress, efficiency and a technocratic aristocracy – convinced that they are more knowledgeable and therefore more competent to run the Realm than the average citizen. The Realm’s systems lie closest to the Nebula and it is the Realm’s population that has come to suffer first from the devastating effect of the nebula’s terrifying expansion. The faction finds itself in an undesirable position of tremendous population displacements, a technological inability to confront the natural disaster and mounting rumours about an impending war of expansion and survival against the neighbouring Feriah Union.



The Sylian cluster in the inner sector of the upper arm has not experienced virtually any warfare, when its intelligent life forms have reached the space age (although it did before). Instead, they have opted for mutually assured independence, which allowed them to develop on their own, pursuing peaceful research across a number of domains, but most importantly the manipulation of energy fields and new ways to generate power, which satisfied the energy needs in the cluster and allowed for the development of weaponry based on accelerated plasma, which served as a deterrent for all powers.

Created during the War of Sylian Resistance, the Sylian Realm was at first concerned about the freedom of its people and the protection of its scientific tradition and achievements from the Zirul dominion bloodthirsty war machine. The Monarch’s Council was governed by the most powerful families and scientists of the former Sylian alliance. Once the Feriah Union emerged, some remote systems peacefully negotiated their departure with the Council and offered their technological expertise in terraforming devastated worlds, making them habitable again, much to the delight and benefit of the Union. However, the Council ensured that other technological advancements, especially in energy fields and power generation were kept secret from the Union even after the transfer of sovereignty occurred. Still, the emergence of the Feriah Union was a blessing for the Realm, as it kept the Zirul Dominion at bay, with the Feriahi being perceived as a buffer nation. The Sylians were finally able once again to turn their hearts and minds to research and civil engineering.

Recently, however, worrying reports from systems immediately bordering the Nebula had started to come in: The seemingly inoffensive nebula stardust has started to behave… strangely.



All species from the upper arm of the galaxy thrive in the Feriah Union. Gaultherians, Vhalrax and Salix are the most common.


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