The Feriah Union

The Feriah Union is a vibrant and militant direct democracy, established in the aftermath of the War of Sylian Resistance. The Union is proud to have a political regime that includes the voices of all of its citizens. Located outside of the nebula’s imminent threat zone, its citizens are not too concerned about what is unfolding in the Sylian Realm. However, the some Feriahi circles see the nebula expansion as an opportunity to destabilize the Realm and especially the Dominion, with the ultimate goal of bringing true democracy to every stellar system in the galaxy.



The Feriah Union is the youngest power of this part of the galaxy, and also its smallest nation. Created by political activists exiled from the Zirul Dominion after the War of Sylian Resistance, the very first breath of the Union was meant to shape a new form of political organization and societal structure, where solidarity, peace and equality among citizens would thrive. The name Feriah originally was taken to honour a cadet of the Zirul military academy who died in a violent protest against ongoing hostilities with the Sylian Realm.

This new political system and the rich asteroid fields at the Feriahi-Zirul border, especially in an around the Phel system created a powerful appeal across the stars of the upper arm. Soon enough, some citizens and later, entire systems of the Sylian Realm, where the scientific research was conducted more for its own sake, rather than for improving citizens’ everyday lives were seduced by the new power and peacefully switched allegiances. 

New citizens and asylum-seekers – were quickly granted full citizenship and many of them rose through the ranks of civil servants and military to be well-respected figures within the Union.

Combining their unique form of governance and the terraforming capabilities of newly integrated ex-Sylian systems, the devastated systems only needed a little under 150 years to become as habitable as they were before the war. Using generous Sylian credits and highly effective industrial management expertise from decades of terraforming and rehabilitation projects, the Union developed into a power in its own right. It has come to possess unparallelled and highly sophisticated industrial production capabilities, making the most from rich yet limited territories that it controls.

The collective memory of the Union has been shaped by scarcity and a self-imposed austerity since its conception, which explains why the nation has kept a watchful eye over its resources ever since. The perceived political system of transparency and fairness turned the resilient democracy a destination of choice for immigrants, seeking to start over. The idea of armed struggle for the sake of citizen participation in the political decision-making process remains close to the hearts of all Union citizens, to this day.



All species from the upper arm of the galaxy thrive in the Feriah Union. Gaultherians, Vhalrax and Salix are the most common.



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