You are among the very first courageous officers to join us on the path of survival. The Nebula is expanding and we need every bit of courage you can muster to go through with this mission. In the wake of an enemy that does not negotiate and does not tire, may you find the strength and wisdom to help your nation live through the coming chaos.

With Cosmos’ blessing, you may rise among your nation, command over a station, govern a planet, and one day a star system or the faction itself! You will need to prove your worth through careful management of people and resources, and your possibility to help your faction in its hour of greatest danger.

You may deem it necessary to wage war against the neighboring nations, to assail them and drive them out to secure the livelihood for your people. But you may also find yourself needing their help, building powerful alliances, or making compromises. Compromises, that may or may not last.

Whatever path you step on, you will make choices. Choices that will define you and the realms around you.



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