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Bal - chapter III: The Stolen Goods Show me chapter I: Bal's Choice.Show me chapter II: The Rescue Somewhere near the Feriahi border with the Zirul Dominion, Bal’s shipping spacecraft is fleeing from a battlefield where he has just rescued a Sylian

Bal - chapter II: The Rescue Show me chapter I: Bal's Choice. A few thousand kilometers away from the distress call’s origin, Bal slows down. The engines phase out from EOC. The Gaultherian’s transmission is unlikely to be very far from here

Bal - chapter 1: Bal's choice  Somewhere near the frontier of the Feriahi Democratic Union, not far from the militarist Zirul Dominion, a single transport vessel quietly travels between overlight jumping portals. The small craft, a medium-sized mining shuttle refitted into

  Planet Aroka | Feriah Union A Vhlarax, in full exploration suit, exits a landed spaceship and contemplates the remains of Aroka, a forgotten planet amidst the warzone of a recent conflict. He watches over the surrounding landscape. Ruins. He proceeds to

Here comes our text adventure chatbot!Discover the Galaxy of Nebulae through the exciting stories of 5 characters with our dedicated Messenger chatbot! Play, make choices, live the consequences   Introduction StoryYou, a Tilia merchant, decided to go to planet Nythial, to save your