April 2024


We faced a lot of issues during the closed tests of the new patch in April 2024: some of the new districts didn’t work properly, a player could be locked after receiving an event, or trying to multi-terraform the planet…

We still have a few issues to fix, like resource gains that appear as losses & vice-versa… but we’re getting closer & closer to a public version !

Last Minute feature-add

Nebulae species Scared Tilia emojiHave you ever miss-clicked when trying to upgrade or build a district?

Well… This is meant for you!

For districts, it’s now possible to cancel an ongoing operation! 


This is how it looks like for an upgrade!

nebulae UI

Political features won’t be in the update, since we first want to measure the impact of the changes made to planetary governance: But they’re coming very soon

Clearer UI

We’ve created a new set of icons to clarify the districts impacting their neighbours! Here they are for production, pollution & Quality of life! But they were also made for each resource (Primidium, Xyalite, Refined Xyalite), and for housing capacity!

April 2024, UI


We keep the illustration work ongoing! Some are dedicated to events, some to planet indicators statuses (to fill the UI visible on the section above!) Here is one, you may guess what it is for!

April 2024 extreme economic status


Our co-founder & Chief content officer, Julie, has been invited to present our studio, Northern Lights Entertainment, to her former classmates & alumni of sciences Po Paris (250+ attendees!)

(Pictures on the rights: Credits to Julien Janin, Usbek et Rica)

Nebulae species moneyTilia emojiWe’ve finally retrieved the governance of the sowefund holding, which means that all the community investment can now be channelled towards the studio at a lower cost! Some of you may remember we had come to this agreement with Sowefund back in november 2023… We are soooooo happy that this is finally done, and can’t wait to onboard you all!


If you forgot to confirm your investment intention, make sure to contact Pavel@nebulae.world so that we can include you in the process, before we close it!