February updates, Nebulae Astropolitics MMO

February Updates

In our February Updates you may read about: More political features in the making, Ingame News, Our new Concept Artist intern!


February seamlessly followed january. And january Ideas have now blossomed into final Game Design & Art form.

The illustration above is tailored to make a smaller but impactful appearance within a dedicated lunar new year event!




To give more substance to our nations, we have designed official & independent newsfeed concepts!

At first, those news will be pre-written, but over the long-term, players will hold journalistic roles – and responsibilities!


February 2024, Astropolitics MMO Nebulae, Policies UI


Design & interfaces for legislative mechanics have continued! Here is a quick recap of your planetary policies: Are you aligned with your faction policies, opposed to them, or neutral?

Next STEPS: UI focus groups on the entire legislative flow, back-end tests & UI integration





A couple events have been added, including the one we made a Valentine’s Day! you’ll encounter it in-game soon, and discover the effects of each choice, and the chained events they may trigger!

Feb 2024, astropolitics MMO, monthly update Nebulae

This new interface has now been fully integrated into the game, and shall be released with the upcoming spring update!

The only missing piece is the detailed pop-up of each effect your choice may trigger.

Feb 2024, astropolitics MMO, monthly update Nebulae

They’ve been re-designed (here is a short glimpse of the standard version of these effects, but there are more!). Next Step : ingame Integration!

Oh, and we’ve added a couple of Emojis to the roster, guess which one expresses generosity and which one is corrupted!

Feb 2024, astropolitics MMO, monthly update Nebulae emojis


We are very glad to welcome

Feb 2024, astropolitics MMO, monthly update Nebulae Mehdi Artist Intern

What is more, we have decided to finally post on a regular basis on our tiktok account. Here are a few examples, follow us on tiktok to see more!


@nebulae_world we are broke #startup #indiegamedev #gamedesign ♬ son original – Nebulae – Astropolitics MMO

@nebulae_world Kind of a love letter. Asking for your time and passion. #indiegamedev #Meme #MemeCut #nebulaegame ♬ son original – Nebulae – Astropolitics MMO

@nebulae_world Sadly this is not a POV. We won’t tell you what the problem is 😂 It should be fixed before next release 🤫 #Meme #MemeCut #indiegamedev #nebulaegame ♬ son original – Nebulae – Astropolitics MMO

➡️ https://www.tiktok.com/@nebulae_world

And our chief content Officer went back to Sciences Po to share Founders experience with a new batch of sciences po students in Jacques-Henri Eyraud’s class!

Feb 2024, astropolitics MMO, monthly update Nebulae class sciencespo


This is the end of February updates!

We’ll meet you in space!