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Discover the Galaxy of Nebulae through the exciting stories of 5 characters with our dedicated Messenger chatbot!

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Introduction Story

CHATBOT STORY 1 EVACUATION - Nebulae messenger chatbot stories

You, a Tilia merchant, decided to go to planet Nythial, to save your fellow subjects of the Sylian Realm from the expansion of a mysterious nebula. Some characters you will meet on the way may unlock stories of their own!

Fyrr; Never again

You are now Fyrr, a Salix from the Nythial planet…. To unlock this story, you must first meet Fyrr, in the introduction story.

Jael So’Kuranea, Commander of the Realm

“The end justifies the means” you are an ambitious Commander of the Sylian Realm, entrusted with a very special mission: reach the Zirul Dominion border to find allies…

To unlock this story, you must first meet Jael, in the introduction story or in Fyrr’s story.

Emin Naek, The Evangelist

Explore a new faction through the eyes of Emin Naek, a deputy of the Feriah Union.

The story will soon be available.

Kan’Koth, At the Fringe of war

Find your way within the Zirul Dominion as Kan’Koth, a strong Ga’Borgah frontline spacestation Commander.

The story will soon be available.


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