Plans for the future


Planet Aroka | Feriah Union

A Vhlarax, in full exploration suit, exits a landed spaceship and contemplates the remains of Aroka, a forgotten planet amidst the warzone of a recent conflict. He watches over the surrounding landscape. Ruins. He proceeds to explore the tomb world, leveled and carbonized forests, mountains turned to piles of broken rocks, cities reduced to techno-fossils, buried deep beneath the piles of ash and dust.


Behind his mask, despite all the bitterness of the moment, the Vhalrax smiles, and energetically walks back to his ship. On this dead planet, he will be the architect of rebirth. Unfolding holo-tables, stools, and chairs, he projects magnificent blueprints and the accompanying, thinly-penciled notes. Around him, architects from around the galaxy, elected officials, both from the Feriah Union and from the Sylian Realm, are listening intently.


The Vhalrax unveils his plan for the future of his homeworld. As he presents graphics, maps, topographies and models to workers, tools are unloaded to dispose of the ashes of war. As he justifies this one in a lifetime achievement, engineers study the design complex recycling facilities, turning scrap and rubble into paint for the blank canvas – Aroka. As his speech lays his motives bare, he scowls at the Sylian officials.


Witnessing his work and commitment, they will eventually accept his request. The Sylian terraforming technology will be handed to him. As the Vhalrax leads his team on, with passion and determination, great mountains will be restored! Through sweat and toil, trees will rise, plants will regrow, and flowers will blossom again! 


The painting of Aroka’s future is brighter than ever before, colours mixing into each other in a new, beautiful harmony; As the air turns less and less acerbic, first water-based rain occurs! The acrylic pictures capture nature blending into great cities, and a generation of passionate people working together, rebuilding a planet, no, exceeding its former image. Aroka reborn.


Terraforming will be one of your many tasks in Nebulae!

Like this unknown brave Vhalrax, prove yourself as a master of nature and an environmental hero!

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