Bal Story Chapter III Illustration


No more additional lockdowns in France for now, but our work continues on a full-remote basis, as covid19 (can we call it covid21 with the new variants?) continues to spread in France.

Our game-dev team is back and we are thrilled, despite the French curfew starting at 6pm!




The galaxy map Now includes

  • Faction territories & faction influence areas
  • A zoom scale, enabling to switch between a wider galaxy view to a narrower, faction-based view
  • Filters that let you hide / reveal additional map elements, such as Faction Bases or Star Clusters (Faction administrative regions, encompassing several star systems)

Galaxy Map _ Mobile Interface Sketches

While the prototype is in continuous development, we have worked on new UI proposals, outlining how new features in the next game builds will look and feel like!

And of course, we are constantly working on incorporating all of the previous game design adjustment into the current prototype!



We are delighted to announce that we have been selected for investment due diligence by the INSEAD business angel committee (~60 people)! We aim to have even better news next month!

Galaxy ICON

See you next month!