Major Game updates:

Our prototype now includes

  • Planetary events! They will be triggered every 5 minutes, and the frequency will be reduced as we add new features
  • A new biome: Wetlands!
  • New graphical assets! We have adjusted the artistic direction of our planetary environments (variable biome heights, water design, soil textures and more)

May 2021 - planet style

Registration and login are now available in the prototype! We will need a few more tests to confirm that everything is running smoothly, before rolling it out, exclusively for our Kickstarter backers!

New features about to enter the development cycle in late June:

– Faction basic income

– Space Station gameplay


Welcome Clothilde: Our Communications Intern, in charge of spreading the wor(l)d of Nebulae!

Ongoing recruitments:

A Lead Game Designer to manage our growing game design team and to help our co-founders (Julie the Producer and Pavel the CEO). We think we have found a gem, stay tuned!

A Lead Gameplay Developer to join our 3 front-end game developers and to help them solve challenges of cosmic complexity!

If you know anyone interested, please share the position offer!


We’ll meet you in space!