March was amazing.

So many things happened!

We have had some great press and influencer coverage throughout the month:

  •  Pavel, our co-founder & President, has been interviewed on his birthday by FrenchDoers about the impact of gaming on our generation of entrepreneurs (link to the interview in French)
  •  Julie, our co-founder & Chief Content Officer, has been interviewed by Elle, a very famous French Magazine, as a member of the #Femalefoundersfellowship of Station F, our incubator (link to the article in French)
  •  We have got our first Italian article about Nebulae, on DrCommodre.it! (link to the article in Italian)

And another great milestone has been reached in March, and we are working on a super exciting press-release that will go out during April! Stay Tuned!

And as usual, here are some visual updates!